If you would like more information, have questions about Meal Plans, or need help with anything involving on campus dining, please contact us:

John Scheers
Meal Plan Questions:
John Scheers - Marketing Manager


Gabby Balla
Dietary Advices:
Gabby Balla - Registered Dietitian


Elaine Brophy
Catering Inquiries
Elaine Brophy - Regional Director of Catering


Maria Bauman
Dining Questions:
Maria Bauman - Resident District Manager

(570) 389-4275

Dave Giron
Dave Giron - Director of Operations

(570) 233-0829

Rick McCormick
Rick McCormick - Food Service Director

(570) 389-4467

Mark Lazo
Chef Mark Lazo

(570) 389-4483

Chris Swancer
Food Retail Brand Questions:
Christopher Swancer - Food Retail Manager

(570) 389-4489

Robert Lauck
Robert Lauck - Food Service Director

(570) 389-4572

Jonathan Mitchell
Monty's Questions:
Jonathan Mitchell - Food Retail Manager

(570) 389-2525

Other Contact Information

Haley Nguyen - Marketing Coordinator

Tate, Ciara-sade - Food Service Manager

Josh Jensen - Production Manager

Karla Dietz - Chef Manager

Steven Williams - Chef Manager

Albert Bugasch - Food Production Manager

Brenda Buckwalter - Food Service manager